5 Reasons Why Carbs Are Not the Enemy


I was terrified of carbs for years! I developed such a toxic relationship with food and my body, I became convinced that even looking at carbs would make me gain weight!

However, after studying nutrition, I began to recognise the importance of good quality carbs. I realised I absolutely needed to incorporate them back into my diet.

So for any of you angels who also feel like you need to limit or restrict your carb intake, or believe you’ll gain weight eating carbs, I want to debunk some myths. I’ll explain why we all absolutely need to include carbs as part of a balanced, healthy diet.

1. Carbs are an essential macronutrient for a reason.

We thrive off carbs, and they’re an essential food group as part of a healthy diet. Carbs are the main fuel source for your brain, and an important source for the body too. Especially when it comes to training! Cardio in particular relies on stored glycogen (produced from carbs), so for anyone focussed on high performance (or wanting to optimise brain function) – do not skimp on the carbs!

2. All carbs are not equal

Just because you’ve felt bloated or off after eating carbs in the past does not mean you should ditch them from your diet. I very much advocate including high-quality carbs into your diet. Think quinoa, rice, beans, legumes, sweet potato, buckwheat. Gluten-free grains and starches can be much easier to digest for some people, so give those options a go if you’re struggling!

Slow-digesting carbs like sweet potato and brown rice are incredible options, as they don’t spike your blood sugar levels when you consume them, and release energy slowly, keeping you fuller for longer.

If you’re still struggling with digestion after trying some of those carb sources, give my Metabolism + Sugar Support formula a go – it’s specifically designed to improve metabolism and digestion of carbs!

I recommend including a serve of high-quality carbs with each meal if possible.

3. Fibre!

Grains are a fantastic source of fibre and other essential nutrients. Many people on low-carb diets don’t get enough fibre. Fibre is another essential macronutrient, keeping us regular, improving hormonal balance, keeping us satiated and removing toxins from the body. Fibre is so so important! Good-quality carbs are the main way to get fibre into your diet – so don’t cut them out!!

4. B Vitamins

Carbs are an important source of B vitamins, too! B vitamins are essential for your energy levels, sleep, liver detoxification, stress management, mood, thyroid health and general wellbeing – basically you don’t want to go without! Carbs such as leafy greens, legumes and grains are high in B vitamins, and should be included as part of a healthy diet.

5. Delicious!

Let’s not forget the taste factor! Carbs are so so yummy – why would you ever want to cut them out of your diet! Not to mention, foods such as fruit and veg are carbohydrates – and these contain so many essential nutrients for your health!

So instead of fearing or ditching carbs, just opt for complex, high-quality carbs. Your body and brain will love you for it!

Jess xx


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