Cumin seeds for weight loss


When I first realized that spices were a key factor in how I would successfully lose weight, I got SO excited to try all kinds of new ones. Not only would these spices take healthy food from somewhat bland to downright craveable, spices like cumin seeds for weight loss would unlock the power of fat-burning.

Cumin is spectacular for weight loss because it helps support your body’s natural toxin cleansing systems and actively burn fat cells away. Adding cumin for weight loss to your diet can help you feel more energized and less bloated, and trim away extra fat!

In this post, I’ll talk about all the amazing ways cumin seeds can help your body lose weight safely and naturally. We’ll also look at:

  • What exactly are cumin seeds and what do they taste like?
  • Exactly what happens to your fat cells when you enjoy cumin seeds for weight loss
  • How cumin can affect your blood sugar levels
  • Recipes to enjoy cumin seeds for weight loss in easy, delicious ways

Cumin seeds for weight loss

Cumin seeds come from a plant in the parsley family grown mostly in India, China, Mexico. (1) These small, brown seeds can be eaten either ground up or whole.

Cumin has a warm, nutty, peppery taste. The flavor is mild, though, not spicy hot. You might recognize is as the main flavor in taco seasoning. It’s also a standard in many traditional curry powers and sometimes in chili recipes.

Cumin seeds for weight loss can be used in so much more!

How cumin seeds help you lose weight

Cumin seeds have special compounds that gently boost metabolism to accelerate the burning of fat cells. They also aid the body in responding to insulin and glucose (sugar) properly, which helps stabilize your blood sugar levels and fend off weight gain.

Cumin seeds for weight loss are also full of antioxidants and are anti-inflammatory. These both help with cleansing the body, restoring balance so you feel your best, and reduces bloating.

How to eat cumin for weight loss

Make Jeera tea

“Jeera” is a Hindi term for cumin. That’s what we call it in my family. We like to make a special tea with cumin seeds called “Jeera tea.”

Enjoying this soothing tea twice a day can help support weight loss. Here’s the easy recipe from Healthline!

Add to snackables

Another way to get more cumin seeds for weight loss into your food is to sprinkle them (whole or ground) over hummus or guacamole and enjoy with sweet pepper strips. This is one of my favorite fat-burning snacks!

Use for roasting veggies, nuts, and meats

Add cumin to spice blends for roasting veggies or toasting nuts in the oven. Try this recipe to reduce your belly bloat at your next BBQ.

Try cumin yogurt

Are you really feeling adventurous? Try adding cumin seeds or ground cumin to a serving of yogurt as the women in the cumin seeds for weight loss study did.

How do you like your cumin? Are you curious enough to try it mixed in yogurt? Leave me a comment and let me know!


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