Home workout plan you can follow featuring live workouts, apps, and on demand


Sharing a home workout plan you can do during this time with live workouts, apps, and on demand options. There are so many great resources out there!! In this post, I’m breaking it all down into a balanced and effective plan.

Hi friends! Another weekend in the books. The girls slept in the tent again, the Pilot and I watched a couple of movies, and we surprised EJ and August with an Easter egg hunt. (We filled up eggs and hid them in their front yard for the kiddos to find!) I hope you had a good weekend, too.

For today’s post, I wanted to put together a master resource list of free workouts that are available during this time + how to combine everything into an effective plan. One of positive aspects about this crazy time has been watching the fitness world come together, pivot, and provide as many free workout options as possible. There are SO many great classes and studios available that honestly it’s become a little overwhelming!

I can absolutely see how it might be daunting to pick a class or create a schedule since there’s so much out there right now. I created three different weekly plans, categorized all of the free workout options (total body, upper body, lower body, cardio, OFF) and then you can plug and play into the plan that works for you. I LOVE putting fitness plans together and hope that this is helpful as you choose the workouts/classes that fit into your life right now!

Option 1: Full body + lower and upper body split

Not sure how to create a home workout plan with all of the free, streaming, and on demand options? Here ya go! fitnessista.com

Click here to download a printable PDF.

Sunday: OFF

Monday: Total Body Strength

Tuesday: Pure Cardio

Wednesday: Upper body

Thursday: Lower body

Friday: OFF

Saturday: Pure Cardio

Option 2: 3 Total Body Workouts

Not sure how to create a home workout plan with all of the free, streaming, and on demand options? Here ya go! fitnessista.com

Click here to download a printable PDF.

Sunday: OFF

Monday: Total body strength

Tuesday: Pure Cardio

Wednesday: Total body strength

Thursday: OFF

Friday: Total body strength

Saturday: Pure Cardio

Option 3: Low-impact/beginner plan

Not sure how to create a home workout plan with all of the free, streaming, and on demand options? Here ya go! fitnessista.com

Click here to download a printable PDF.

Sunday: OFF

Monday: Total Body Strength

Tuesday: Easy walk outside

Wednesday: Pilates or yoga

Thursday: Easy walk outside

Friday: OFF

Saturday: Total Body Strength

Below are different studios and individuals offering free workouts and trials during this time. For simplicity, I only included FREE options below. There is so much to choose from right now and I feel like if you’re paying for a bunch of different studios and apps, it can get costly and overwhelming. Use the free trials to check out a class and if then later on you can pay for the ones you truly love!

Total body:


BODYPUMP (available on Les Mills On Demand. Use my link for 21 days free!)

Peloton bootcamp classes (try it for 90 days free)

Total body HIIT and Strength

HIIT/Strength Combo

Home HIIT and Mobility Workout


Core40 – one of my favorite studios in San Diego. They’re doing free IG Live workouts right now

Advanced Pilates workout

25-minute Pilates workout

Full body Pilates workout


Barre Body (this is where I used to teach in San Diego! I LOVE their barre classes. Check out their IG for daily workouts)

barre3 (15 days free)

Physique 57 (one week free)

Full Barre Workout



Yoga with Adrienne

Power Yoga with Baron Baptiste through lululemon (I’ve always wanted to take a live class with him so this has been the next best thing!)

Sumits Yoga Tucson (daily workouts on IG Live. This is where I practice in Tucson and miss it dearly. So happy for the opportunity to practice at home.)


30-minutes simple home yoga


Pure Cardio:

There are so many great cardio options available right now!

Dance cardio

Dance Cardio with Todd (whenever I can take a live DJ class with Todd here in Tucson, I go for it. He is incredible and always leaves me super sweaty and with a smile on my face)

Dance Cardio with Amanda Kloots (I’ve paid for a couple of her full videos, and they’re amazing, but she also has some workouts saved in her IG highlights that you can do for free)

Dance Body (free classes on IG live)

Block 21 Fitness

obé fitness (free trial)





Peloton treadmill and outdoor running options 


Peloton spin classes


Starcycle Danville (workouts on their IG live)

Low impact/beginner:

Low impact beginner workout

Beginner cardio workout


Upper body:

Tone It Up app (free 7-day trial)

BODYPUMP (pick an upper body set)

Upper Body Blast

Sweat app upper body workout (free 7-day trial)


Lower body:

Peloton app

BODYPUMP (pick a lower body set)

Lower Body Burner

Sweat app lower body workout

15-minute slider legs and butt workout

Barre Legs, Booty and Pilates Abs


OFF day options:

Total body stretch 

10-minute full body stretch

Meditation through an app or on your own – if you have any YouTube meditation classes you love, please send them my way! Peloton has meditation classes on their app (free trial), too

Take a nap, read a book, enjoy a bath, practice an instrument, create some art, do something that feels restorative and healing for you

Restorative options through lululemon

Prenatal options: 

the Bloom Method (the app is paid but they post free workouts on their Instagram)

Moms Into Fitness YouTube channel

Prenatal Workout Video

obé fitness (free trial)

Some notes:

– Make sure you’re taking 1-2 days of rest each week. During this crazy time and with all of the fitness resources available, it can be very tempting to work out every day and overtrain. This will have the OPPOSITE effect you desire. When you overtrain, this can cause an elevated heart rate, increased stress in the body which can cause inflammation, and lead to injury through overuse. Make sure you’re giving yourself 1-2 days to rest and recover each week.

Take advantage of the free trials! There are quite a few above but I highly recommend Les Mills On Demand (free 21 days) and Peloton (90 days). Set a reminder if your phone when the trial is about to expire and you can decide if you want to keep them. My review of LMOD is here and my review of Peloton (with full plans using the Peloton app) is here. I frequently use both in my weekly routine.

– Alternate workout intensities. When you’re consistently working at a high level, with no “easier” days in the schedule, you will start to see diminishing returns from your efforts. When you’re depleted, this can also deplete your immune system. Use your workouts to energize yourself! Make sure that you’re doing something different than yesterday and follow a more challenging day with a rest or lower-intensity workout.

– Use this opportunity to dial into the types of workouts that you truly enjoy! There’s nothing like being forced to stay home and away from your usual studios/routine to determine what you really like and works for your body.

– I’m currently working on revamping my most popular Fit Guide (Home Workout Warrior) to include video demos for all of the workouts. (It’s currently a PDF with bonus meals, recipes, and full video workouts.) I’ll be re-launching HWW in mid May to include the video demos at a very discounted rate with half of the proceeds going to Feeding America. If you’d like to join the waiting list for the relaunch and get first dibs, click here!

Hope you have a happy Monday. Hang in there friends and thank you for stopping by the blog today!

Are there any studios or classes you’re loving lately? Feel free to share the goods in the comments section!




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