How to get your confidence up


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How to get your confidence up…

Confidence is the most important skill to master and protect especially as a woman in our 40s, 50s and beyond as it dictates results in all areas of our lives. Without it, we play small to stay “safe”. Did you know that you have an average of 60,000 thoughts a day? And surprise! They are not all productive, positive, empowering or uplifting.

HOW TO GET YOUR CONFIDENCE UPSo, how do you generate the RIGHT thoughts so you can be confident?

You start with asking yourself these questions

  1. Am I operating from vision? Meaning Are you operating from what you WANT in your life or are you operating from thoughts of what is not working or what could go wrong?
  2. If I had confidence in a specific area what would that mean for me? What would it FEEL LIKE?
  3. What outside influences knock my confidence down? (Negative friends, the news, etc)
  4. If I keep playing small and not feeling confident in this area, what would happen?

Next… CREATE confidence.

But how do you CREATE confidence?

You FAKE it till you make it!

The METHOD to help you do this:

Think back to your past- when DID you feel confident? What were you doing and how did it feel?

Our brains love to remind us of failures , missed opportunities, screw ups and things that went wrong! LIST out all that you have accomplished that has gone right . What did you accomplish when you went for it anyways?

List out 10-20 super cool and incredible amazing things about you. You have those things!

These are your tools. You can borrow from these list when you are in your head around NEW THINGS.

Lastly, start to notice what you let ruin your confidence. Become aware and shift those thoughts using those tools

You are what you BELIEVE and what you think about!

Natalie Jill


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